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Very Happy Customer
In this day and age with the rapid pace of life in the world, meeting and getting to know people can be very difficult. When I finally decided that I had to 'break out' of my past dating patterns that had only lead to meaningless relationships, I did something that shocked my family and friends. Not only did I turn to the internet to look for that person that would become my second half, I took the extreme step of looking for someone from a different country.

The reasons that I did this were many but the primary one was because I was looking for someone that possessed ‘old fashioned’ values that I felt were lacking in most of the 'available' women of my age group here in America.

This is not to say that America does not have women with the ‘old fashioned’ values that I was looking for, only that those who did were married and therefore unavailable. So I turned to one of the many countries that I knew had a surplus of beautiful women, a lot of whom did possess these ‘old fashioned’ values. For once in my life I have to say thank you to the old Soviet Union for isolating the many countries that were once members. This isolation has proved to have a time capsule effect on their people. Traveling to and meeting the people of these countries is like traveling back 30 or 40 years in terms of personal values.

So, that is the reason that I decided to look in places other then America for my bride. I work with computer systems on a daily basis so I know there are many predatory web sites out there that only want your hard earned money and will give you nothing in return. So I did a great deal of research and the one website/agency that I could find absolutely no complaints about was this site. The fact that I could not find complaints made 1st International stand out like a beacon in the murky waters of the internet ocean. I decided to look at the women listed on their website only to quickly realize that their choices are so large (currently over 35,000!!!) that I was going to need help. That help turned out to be the search engine that is provided on their website. It is first rate and quickly helped me find women who met the very specific (age, height, weight, children, etc.) criteria that I entered. Still, the list was very large but now much more manageable. I finally narrowed my list down to 4 women (1 Ukrainian, 2 Russian and 1 Bulgarian) and I purchased their contact information.

I decided to use a little good advice from the 1st International website and some others that I had visited and I had my initial letter translated into Russian (the common language of all the women that I chose). Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised when, within one week, I received 3 replies to my initial letter. I continued to correspond with the 3 women over the next couple of months until I finally narrowed my choice down to one lady in Kiev, Ukraine named Alena.

Alena and I continued corresponding over the next few months (letters and phone calls – her English skills were better then my Russian, still this made for some very funny misstatements) and I came to the conclusion that this was a lady that I just had to meet in person. Without the aid of any agency I arranged a trip to Kiev for a week to spend some time with this person who somehow I had developed a connection with through the many emails and a few phone calls. By the way, in hind sight I would not advise anyone to arrange a solo trip like this. I took a very large leap of faith, had a lot of luck and was successful. But, I could also just as easily failed completely and ended up in a lot of trouble stuck in a foreign country with no assistance at all. When using an agency to arrange the meetings you will have a very extensive safety net it things go wrong.

Another piece of advice is to use 1st Internationals background check service. The money spent is very insignificant compared to the piece of mind that the results will give you. If nothing else you must remember that the jobs in many of these countries do not translate directly into comparable jobs in America. A background check will go far to clarify a great deal of information for you and possibly avoid misunderstandings.

To make a very long story shorter a connection was made, we fell in love and got married. None of our happiness could have happened without the multitude of services that you can find on the website. I discovered with the help of some academic friends that I have and some Russian immigrants who live in my area that when I was using their translation services, not only were they translating my words but also what I intended to say. They successfully imparted the complex ideas and the very 'flavor' of what I was trying to convey to Alena. This is a very difficult thing to do but they were successful every time.

Another service that they provided was that of flower delivery service. The various partner agencies that they used were of the highest caliber, very expedient, professional and meticulous in every detail. They even called Alena in advance to coordinate a suitable delivery time for the flowers. This was an extra step that totally surprised me and shows all the little ‘extras’ that are provided to 1st International customers. I sent flowers to Alena on both Valentines Day and on Womens Day. That is another thing that I want to thank 1st International for – if you think American women get upset if you don’t send flowers for Valentines Day just miss sending flowers for Womens Day in the ex-Soviet Union countries and watch the result. 1st International helped me successfully avoid this cultural mistake!

Beginning a relationship with someone you have never met before is a very daunting undertaking. It requires a great deal of patience and understanding by both of the people involved. Love is the universal language but it doesn’t order the correct beverage for your woman in a restaurant. You must be willing to learn at the same time your woman is learning. One other thing that is required – trust. You have to be able to trust the agency that you are using and what they tell you. In my experience 1st International and the people that staff its offices are worthy of your trust. I am a most skeptical customer regardless of what is being sold and I don’t give my trust or my recommendation easily but 1st International has them both.

One more thing – what is the quality of the women on their website, the services that they offer? My final answer – Alena and I were married on August 28, 2002. Our first child, a boy, is due to arrive on June 27, 2003! I’d say the quality is first rate!

If anyone wishes any additional information all they have to do is write.

One Very Happy Customer.

B. O’Neil New Orleans, La


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